Our engineering service has been developed over the past 4 decades with experience in downhole tool development, drilling and completion engineering and management. It is our goal to provide a superior level of engineering and operational guidance to our clients.

Our engineering services come from professionals that have had multiple years of experience in drilling & completion environments that stretch from land to offshore, in artic harsh environments to benign routine drilling and completions. We maintain competencies in horizontal and extended reach drilling and completion operations. In offshore environments, this has translated into significant redevelopment opportunities for our clients maintaining fixed platforms, dry-tree floating production and subsea assets.

Our project management experience has been involved in the delivery of new subsea developments, dry-tree drilling and completion integration to full field developments. These project management capabilities have focused on delivering the maximum value to our clients on both full field developments and redevelopment opportunities on some world class assets.

The focus of GeoDynamics Engineering is to deliver value through sound engineering, operational guidance and technical management of projects. Our objective in all these projects is to remain in compliance with all governing regulatory agencies and deliver asset value to our clients.