Engineering Expert Witness

Our engineers can provide expert testimony or consulting services for Oil & Gas  projects; they are licensed in the states throughout the United States.

This abundance of expertise in the Oil & Gas industry allows us to provide expert services to Attorneys and other legal entities that require a more profound understating of the operations and associated engineering on the cases and litigation under their consultation.

Expert Petroleum Engineers 

Ways in which our drilling, completion, reservoir, facilities and production engineers can consult or act as a witness include but are not limited to offshore operations, land operations, shale oil and gas, royalties, eminent domain, common carriers, royalty owners and lessees, surface owners, exploration agreements and related matters. These oil and gas industry experts can consult on issues in oil and gas drilling and operating agreements, gas purchase contracts, lease and royalty arrangements, and related contractual matters. These petroleum experts may also provide expert witness opinions in matters of oil and gas operations, drilling, hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, and enhanced oil recovery, offshore rigs, deepwater operations, and high temperature and high pressure (HTHP) environments, water aquifers, pipelines and pipeline ruptures, oil spills, and oil field fires and explosions. The petroleum expert witnesses may also testify in matters of crude oil, gas geochemistry, the petroleum industry, petrochemical manufacturing, and natural gas, and in related matters.

Expert Facilities Engineers

Ways in which our facilities engineering experts can consult or act as a witness include but are not limited to mechanical failures, materials science, stress analysis, and fracture mechanics to determine the root causes of failures, whether they result from manufacturing defects, material deficiencies, or improper usage. They can provide detailed reports outlining the failure mechanisms, contributing factors, and potential liability implications. These experts are equipped to provide valuable forensic consultation, comprehensive reports, and expert testimony for litigation and investigations related to structural engineering design, failures, safety concerns, cost estimates, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

In cases of failure incidents these engineering professionals can conduct detailed investigations to determine the root causes, employing advanced techniques and analysis tools. They consider factors such as material properties, load capacities, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices to provide insights into why the failure occurred and who may bear responsibility.

Additionally, facilities engineering experts can provide valuable consultation and expert opinions regarding cost estimates for engineering projects. They possess a deep understanding of construction materials, labor costs, equipment requirements, and project management principles. Their expertise allows them to assess the reasonableness of Installation methods construction procedures, cost estimates, evaluate change orders, and determine any potential cost overruns or financial impacts.

The specialized knowledge and experience of our engineers allow them to contribute valuable insights and technical expertise to ensure a thorough and fair resolution of legal matters