At the core of our engineering services are our highly qualified professional engineers. They possess a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise, honed through years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

From feasibility studies to design and implementation, our engineers deliver comprehensive solutions that optimize operational efficiency, enhance safety measures, and maximize cost-effectiveness. With a deep understanding of industry regulations and standards, our engineers ensure that every project is compliant and meets the highest quality standards. Their dedication to innovation and problem-solving enables us to tackle complex challenges head-on and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Wellbore Drilling & Completion Design

  • Directional Drilling Design Services
    • Single Azimuth & Multi-Azimuth programs.

Subsurface Geo-Hazard Reviews

    • Broaching Studies to the surface/mudline.

Shallow Hazards Analysis

      • Shallow Water Flow,
      • Shallow Gas Flow,
      • Surface/Mudline Broaching Identification.

    Pore Pressure Fracture Gradient and Shear failure Gradient Modeling.

      • Seismic Preparation, offset data correlation 
      • Wellbore Stability Identification with Equivalent Static Density and Equivalent Circulating Density parameters.

Casing Design

    • StressCheck or TDAS Casing Design Platform
    • WELLCAT™ casing design software 
      • Modeling complex HP/HT conditions to generate the best tubular design, optimal well integrity and cost configuration.
    • Annular Pressure Buildup – We analyze single casing loads and buckling behavior under complex mechanical, fluid pressure, and thermal-loading conditions. 
      • Pressure mitigation recommendations including rupture disk, syntactic foam and even use vacuum-insulated tubing (VIT).

Tubing Design

    • Analyze tubing loads and movements, buckling behavior, and design integrity under complex mechanical, fluid-pressure, and thermal-loading conditions.

Subsea Architecture

  • Subsea engineering planning and execution of operational plans.
  • SIMOPS integration for full field development:
    • Host Fixed Platform, Tension Leg Platform, Semi-Submersible & SPAR.
    • Drill/Production Center.
  • Regulatory permit preparation and submittal.
  • System design & regulatory audit review for drilling, completion & production operations. 
  • Cost estimate preparation.

Our engineering and technical staff are professional engineers, field personnel, and regulatory specialists who collaborate to provide innovative solutions for oil & gas operators on land and offshore environments.

Dry Tree Drilling & Completion Operations

  • The floating production facility well system design with the capability of drilling a well from scratch, from spud to completion.
  • Combo Riser System design encasing and supporting the outer riser, inner riser production tubing and downhole control lines from the subsea wellhead to the well bay deck. 
  • Design and permitting all drilling, completion and workover activities conducted through the inner riser. 
  • The outer riser’s requirement at a minimum level for mooring and hull performance. 
  • Logistical planning and installation critical path identification, benefiting the design and total project cost. 
  • Cost estimate preparation on both probalistic and deterministic platforms.
  • Regulatory and compliance permitting and auditing.

Platform Rig Installation & Operations

  • Drilling package integration to required drilling & completion objectives.
  • Structural engineering design and load distribution auditing.
  • Mobilization planning & construction management.
  • Drilling, completion, and production SIMOPS integration.
  • Regulatory auditing and compliance.
  • Dry-tree drilling and completion operations.

Topside Installation Offshore Hookup

  • The topsides modules mobilization plan with drilling rig package integration, using single mobilization of the heavy lift vessel after completion of the hull installation. 
  • Floating Production facilities topsides are designed in multiple modules and installed offshore, a significant offshore hook-up of all the structural, piping, electrical, instrument connections between the topsides, hull, and drilling rig are monitored by our construction engineers during drilling package installation and integration.
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering design facilitation and project management services.
  • SIMOPS planning with integrated risk review and management capabilities.

Regulatory Specialists

Navigating the regulatory landscape in the oil and gas industry can be complex and challenging. That’s why our engineering services team includes dedicated regulatory specialists who possess an in-depth understanding of the regulatory framework governing land and offshore operations. These specialists stay abreast of the latest industry regulations and requirements to help clients navigate the permitting and compliance processes smoothly. By ensuring adherence to environmental, health, and safety regulations, our regulatory specialists mitigate risks and foster a sustainable approach to operations. Their expertise and attention to detail provide peace of mind to our clients, knowing that their projects are compliant and environmentally responsible.

Engineering Services

  • Expertise combined with an understanding of OCS regulations allows us to offer reviewing/preparing permits.
  • BSEE experience provides subject matter expertise from conceptual well design through ongoing drilling and completion operations, well interventions, well testing and abandonments for regulatory compliance.

Engineering Certification Services

  • PE certification of casing and cement designs as required by Federal Regulations.
  • PE certification of abandonment design as required by Federal Regulations.
  • Verification of Well Containment Screening Tool for deepwater wells.
  • Review of all required data submitted to BSEE in drilling, completion, workover and abandonment permits.
  • Monitoring of ongoing operations to promote safety and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Well Containment Planning and Design

  • Well Containment Plan preparation and submittal services.
  • Well Containment Screening Tool (WCST) design services.
  • Regional Containment Demonstration Preparation & Submittal
  • Geological Broaching Studies
  • Flow and Capture Analysis

Well Control Analysis

Well Control Engineering

    • Engineered response to complicated and dynamic well control events that decrease the risk/consequence profile on location. 
    • Our engineering team can assist with the design and execution of remedial efforts required to return to a normal drilling environment.
    • If the solution involves the implementation of traditional Constant Bottomhole Pressure Methods of well control, or non-traditional techniques to re-gain the primary barrier envelope, we have the experience and knowledge to safely assist during any well control event.

Relief Well Operations for Blowout Control

    • Relief Wells are complex operations that often involve extraordinary, often obscure, operational, and safety-related risks. We have also planned and implemented Relief Well related dynamic kill operations.
    • Execution of the difficult plugging and isolation schemes via Relief Well interventions.
    • Mitigation along with proprietary, field-proven techniques and project management processes designed to ensure the highest level of safety, efficiency, and reliability on any Relief Well.
    • Relief well engineering, management, and design services oversight of the Relief Well Operation. These services include:
      • Relief Well Intersection Management
      • Dynamic Kill Management
      • Wellsite Supervision

Emergency Response Plans

    • The development of an Emergency Response Plans 
    • Risk management and emergency preparedness strategy.
    • A Well Control Emergency Response Plan for land-based operations 
    • Source Control Emergency Response Plan (SCERP) for floating operations.
  • Pre-Event Well Control Planning/Drill
    • Organize personnel and contractors in the event of a major well control incident. 
    • Inform key personnel of the material and equipment. requirements that may be needed for a well control/source control job
  • Post Well Control Event
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Expert Witness Services

Innovative Solutions 

Innovation is the cornerstone of our engineering services. We thrive on finding creative and effective solutions to the unique challenges faced by oil and gas operators. By leveraging the latest technological advancements, data-driven analytics, and industry best practices, our team identifies opportunities for improvement and develops innovative strategies that enhance operational efficiency and productivity. We collaborate closely with our clients, understanding their goals and challenges, to tailor our solutions precisely to their needs, ensuring long-term success.